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Glitsa Swedish Finish on Red Oak


Top-nailed 5/16” strip, flake quartersawn Oak,, custom-stained

Top-nailed 5/16” strip, flake quartersawn Oak


Rift and Quartersawn White Oak custom-stained


Refinishing of hardwood floors usually consists of 3-4 sandings, filling of all cracks, custom staining, and applying 1-2 base coats and a final top coat, which is available in different sheen options. We will apply any type of finish at the customer’s request such as waterborne, oil-based, hard wax oil, and polywhey finishes. However, we  are best known for our work with Swedish finish systems like Glitsa, Bona Kemi, and Synteko.  If your hardwood floors are still in good condition but have some surface scratches or have lost a bit of their luster, they can be re-coated by adding another top coat which will ultimately increase the wear life of your floor.

Purple Heart dock we sanded on Lake Washington

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