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Proper floor maintenance is crucial to get a longer life
expectancy out of your hardwood floor. Using the proper cleaning materials will maintain the shine of your finish and will allow your floor to be recoated in the future. Never use Murphy’s Oil Soap, Endust, oil, or wax on top of your modern finish. Never use a steam mop on your floor, only use a damp mop with lukewarm water and be sure to dry the floor immediately after mopping if it does not air dry within ten minutes. Do not use a spinning power head vacuum or sweeper on the floor because it will scratch the finish. If you vacuum the floor, use a soft-bristle head like you would use on your furniture. Always use what the manufacturer recommends to clean the type of finish that has been applied to your floor. Do not use after-market products because they may contain damaging chemicals or leave a residue on the finish. Please call us if you are unsure what the proper cleaning products are for your floor, we are happy to help!

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*We sell floor cleaner, mop kits, furniture pads, and appliance glides to help you protect your floor and increase its longevity*

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